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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2003 at 11:00am
Current mood: aggitated
Music: stupid kids
Subject: the feeling of being alone in a crowd
Im in my computers class. This morning at break a guy came up to me as I was sitting under a tree reading a book. I thought that he was gonna come over and make fun of me. He said, "Hey."
"Ummm.. Hey." I said. I was wondering what he wanted.
"Can I sit down?" He said. He was cute. His hair was dark black and it was kinda long. He had very light and skin and was wearing a black. It looked like he was going to church or a wedding or something. It was very odd.
"Yeah sure."
"Thanks." He sat down. "You don't know who I am because I've never revealed myself to you. My names Calvin." He put out his hand. I shook it.
"My names..."
He cut me off, "Yeah I know its Cloe. I know everything about you. I've been watching you for a long time. I know this sounds weird, but i've been watching over you since you could walk. I've been taking care of you and making sure evil couldn't get you. You probably think I'm crazy." He laughed." And I don't blame you. But you must believe me! I've been sending you those dreams so you'd be ready. Tomorrow night were gonna leave. I know you want to come. Theres nothing here for you anyways. You have an important job to do. You've none that you've always been different from everyone else. I know about your infactuation of time travel. The reason for that I can't tell you yet. But just believe me and you'll find out. I have to go now but please trust me!"

I wonder if this is true or if he really is crazy!!!
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