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LifelessLoverKML (profile) wrote,
on 11-26-2003 at 2:31pm
Current mood: depressed
Yeah... Herre I am- juss started on this... but what else did I juss start on? NO RON- NOT MY PERIOD! I juss started crying AGAIN- fer no apparent reason... I so depressed all the time n y'all prolly don't even wanna kno--- I mean who would? ... This lil selfish bitch wit errything goin for her... is sad AGAIN.... I try; I really do- I guess maybe I juss don't try hard enuf... Pills help; the PAXIL CR kind... but is that real happiness? Idk... I juss miss being happy- Acuz SERIOUSLY: Does erryone go thru this shit? If they do- I pity the world! I OBVIOUSLY pity myself too... er I wouldn't be writing this! But... even when I try to think of better things- it's like I'm stuck behind... and who d'ya tell? If I tell my mom... I'm sure "I'll be OVER-REACTING"... my dad??? That's outta the question... so PRETTY MUCH I'm alone in this- I'm B.M. (by myself) n the worst part about ALLL THIS SHIT!?! People that "love" me are getting sick of me becuz THEY CAN'T HANDLE MY PROBLEMS- They get sick of tryina help me... Fuck Counselors- they don't do SHIT for you! Talk Talk Talk Talk is ALLLL THEY have ya do- n no offense but I'd rather talk to Allyn, Keegan, or Re then pay someone who doesn't care to talk about my "issues wit Teen Development"! Fuck this- Fuck Life... I mean I have no reason to live... Seriously- what am I put on earth for? Ta piss people off? Ta make em feel bad for me? Idk you tell me- but tell me soon- cuz I'm about ta give up- fer rel.... I juss wanna sit in my bed, cry, n wait till I finally starve ta death or juss hold my breath n .... never breathe again! But yeah.... since that's pretty much not an option... I guess I'll have to wait it out...


*Am I Standing Still?*

^^^You tell me^^^

~!*!~The Korean Lover~!*!~
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11-27-03 7:15pm

well, its ok to complain on here, thats basicaly what its for. its a way to get all your bitching out. and how did you know i was going to say that?

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