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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2003 at 12:14am
Current mood: relaxed
Music: Spring Heeled Jack
Mmm... Thanksgiving
by far, the greatest holiday.
For the last seven years, it's involved waking up, putting on a pair of shorts, eating within a half hour of waking up, watching football, and falling asleep while watching football.
[Greatest Holiday Ever]

I hope somebody got that. Anyway.... I got accepted into FAU yesterday at the on-site deal. Definately a sad day for college admissions. It wasn't even a decision. She just looked at my SAT score and gave me an instant yes. Didn't even look at my application. Wasn't interested in community service hours (which I have none of) or my essay (which I didn't write). Didn't even care that I'm sitting at a 2.6 GPA. Apparently colleges calculate grade point averages differently, and all the honors and ap classes I've taken bring it up to around a 3.1. That led her to tell me that I'm eligable for a scholarship, and would most likely revcieve a whopping $2500 from them. The fact that I won't get Bright Futures makes that money almost as valuable as gold... or rather platinum. It's a nice deal, but I'm still somewhat disturbed by how that school is impressed with me. For real, me.... come on. It really makes me not want to go there, but it's comforting to know I have a fall-back option if I don't get accepted to a school I really want to go to.

Well thats the positive part of what I had to say. I'll save the negative for after the holiday. I'm not in the mood to be depressed. Whatever sense that last sentence makes.... well I don't know. Enough
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11-28-03 10:44pm

My personal favorite part was when the FAU admissions officer asked me if there was a language I'd like to study. I told her that I'd been to Japan and had enjoyed that so...

"Oh...that's awesome! Japan! Oh, but you'd have to learn Mandarin and that's a hard language..."

"Uh...Japan...they speak Japanese there..."

"No, no, I know. But Mandarin is the *official* language there. I have an asian friend who learned it."

I just kind of kept silent after that, although there was a very tempting couple of minutes where I wanted to mess with her and tell her that they speak Cantonese in Vietnam.

~Jess, who is too lazy to sign in

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