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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2003 at 11:18pm
Current mood: tired
Subject: Finally
Ok i finally have time to tell you what happened.

Last night Calvin came into my room just like he said he would. There was a guy with him. His name was Johnny. He was very nice, but very quiet. Everything happened exactly like the dream except that I didn't wake up. Calvin was right. I did want to leave that place. Im sad to have it go but I'm glad i'll be on to new things. I think I'm here for a more important reason just being alone.

After we got into the car and we drove away. We went to a big old victoia house in the middle of no where. Thats where I am right now. Its so beautiful. Yesterday when I wrote that someone was comming it was just Johnny he had left to go get some more food. He scared as when he came back though. Calvin was already to fight. He had a bow and arrow a sword and a gun and probably more things hidden in his clothes that i didnt even see. For a second he looked like someone out of Lord Of The Rings.

Im so tired, because since we got here Calvin has been telling my destiny and my past.

Heres what he told me so far:
"Theres a problem in time. Thats what I do "Calvin said, "I take care of time. I can't contol it like you though."
"What? I don't control time!"
"You do you just don't know you do. You're a very powerful time sorcerres. I've been taking care of you since you were born. That's also my job to make sure that the time sorcerrers are taken care of and to keep evil away from you. Thats what my family does. We are the guardians of time. Since the beggining my family was chosen for this job. As was your famliy was chosen to fight evil by using time.
I know you've always wondered about your parents. Well you see my father was the one that was supposed to take care of your mother. But he failed. Your mom died and your father couldnt take it anymore. I havent heard from him since. My father died to taking care of your mother."
" Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry."
"Thats what my family does. It's understood that we have to give up everything for you. And you have to give up everything for time. Later you can read your mom's recordings. I have her journal so you can know what happened and it will help you train.
Thats what I'm getting at though. Cause since your mom's dead there's been no one to teach you how to use your powers."
"I told you I don't have any powers!"
Calvin smiled.
"Here lets try a little experiment... Close your eyes and think of time stopping, as if everything was frozen."
"Umm... Ok but this Isn't gonna work!"
I closed my eyes and concentrated really hard of everything being still of time stopping on my demand. It was actually kinda funny. Then all of a sudden I felt this very odd sensation through my body. When i opened my eyes everything was frozen. The clock stopped, there wasn't any wind, or anything. All i could here was my breathing and the sound of my beating heart. I started freaking out. I took a step to Calvin, it was kinda hard to walk everything was very stale. It was hard to breath like there wasnt enough air. I shook Calvin's shoulder. Then all of a sudden everything started moving again. I took a deep breath. Calvin started cracking up laughing.
"What's so funny!" I demanded!
"Hahah! You should have seen your face! You looked so scared. I can't believe you did it! I knew you were really powerful! You stopped time man!"
"I did? Wow! That was so cool! But it was really hard to breath."
"Yeah that happens whern you stop time. That's what I'm gonna teach you, how to control your powers. Im gonna help you do you can move back and forth though time. stop time for only certain things, and all kinds of cool tricks!"
"Can I start learning them now?"
"No, not right now. You've had a long day. You need to sleep. Stopping time probably took alot of your energy and your not used to that."
"Yeah your right I feel kinda sleepy."

I'm gonna go to sleep now. I can't wait till I learn how to control my powers. I've never been so happy before in my life!
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