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fading-away (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2003 at 5:42pm
Current mood: dirty
Music: Numb, by Linkin Park
Subject: w00t w00t
...I need to take a shower. A nice warm shower with pleasantly scented scrubs, body wash, etc. Or even better, a nice long bath with some candles and a bit of privacy. >>; Unfortunately, I'll have to be satisfied with a hot shower. Nothing more. >< Goddamn period.

On the plus side, it's my birthday on Monday, yay! =) So I went to the Grove yesterday to see "Love Actually" with a friend of mine and her cousin. d00d, her cousin r0xx3rz. Must run in the family... ahem. -feels gawky and stupid and ugly- Love Actually was really cute... Karl is one secksi man, one secksi man indeed. Then today I'm going shopping again... and then again tomorrow with friends for my 'birthday.' -snerk-

Mahh.. going to take a shower now..
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12-01-03 3:58am

Ouh, hi! Jus' got your comment, sorry for not sayin' hello earlier. =3

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