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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2003 at 3:23am
Current mood: quixotic
Music: Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy
Subject: Dyslexia, where they cut down streets and name trees after them
Y'know... often, we the people of suburbia will bash the tenets and facets of our engrossingly subliminal joke of a society... and clearly I'm not saying this is undeserved. I too find this gosh-forsaken heckhole (hehe... Simpsons) to be--well, a gosh-forsaken heckhole, a boring place to call home. But then a realize... just now, I called it home. More yet, I call it home. I was born, raised, live here. Sure, Santa Clarita is a bleak town of minivan-driving soccer-moms and mallrats, but years from now, I'll be glad to have a place to call home. I was here when there were few homes, no mall, and uncrowded schools, and I remember all that. The population always grows at a rate that can't be compensated by the rate of construction, and right now this town is in that unstable transitional period of becoming a city. Just you watch; in a couple decades or so, all LA county suburbia will essentially be extensions of LA itself. Hopefully, home won't seem so boring. Actually if you think about it, that might not even be something we'd want to happen. I just saw "The Family Man" again, can you tell?
I was talking to Sam about this earlier. He told me that he'll never think of SCV the same way ever again... ever since he had to live in Utah. Heh heh... good point. I guess we have it good. Sam and I just played chess at 3 AM. Talk about boredom. :)

Ooh, and I want to recommend that you all see "Shattered Glass" (atm at select theaters in NY and LA), the true story of a habitual liar and a case of journalistic fraud. Hayden Christensen's acting is phenomenal (who would have thought), and you really get lost in the characters and forget it's a movie. Tim and I saw it in Irvine; go see it if you can.
"The Big Bad Bionic Boy has been here baby!"
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