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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-2003 at 11:41pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Hell Song by Sum 41
Subject: Powers
Today I learned how to control my powers some more. It was so exhausting. Calvin made me read a book on time travel, that was written by my uncle Ralph. I've never met the guy but the book was great. I thought it was going to be all boring and scientific and stuff, but he wrote it like a fantasy so people would buy it. The story was so great I read the whole thing in like 3 hrs. It was like a three-hundred page book.

Since Ralph's book was such a great hit he decided to write more books. I want to read them all. They're all about a young teenage boy that controls time, I'm pretty sure its him.

Calvin gave me this book, It's beautiful. It's black leather with a beautiful symbol on it of a clock with a world on it. In it is my destiny. I havent started reading it yet. He said I should wait till a full moon. That will be in 3 days. I can't wait but I'm very scared to see what it says.

I met one of my uncles today, his name is J.r. He's the funniest person I have ever met. He's great at time. I asked him, "Why come I lived in foster homes all my life and why come you never came to visit me."

He said, " I always wanted to come and have you live with me. But evil has been hidding you. None of your other family has been able to find you. Calvin was hidden from his family like you have been hidden from me. You see Calvin is very good with dreams. Its easy for him to slip into someones dream when hes right by them but he found his familys dream when they were way across the country. It took him a while, but he contacted his family and thats how you got here."

He taught me how to use my powers like now I can stop time for one thing, so its like frozen. It was so fun learning that because he made so many jokes.

He told me that there's a way to stop time for just the oxygen aroung a person so it kills them. Once I get really good at my powers, he said I'm gonna be so powerful! He also said this,"With great power, comes great responsibility." Calvin did a very good job taking care of me because evil has been after me because I have a very big destiney. He said that there's two things that can happen in my future:
1. I will stop the world from it being taken over by evil. He's seen the future and knows that there is a very big plan to destroy everyone and everything and I am the only that can stop it.
2. I will turn evil and become the strongest leader this world has ever seen.

Whatever I choose, good or evil, I will be the best at it.

I told him," I want to be good. And I want to fight evil."

"Good the first step in ambition and will and you seem to have alot of that. Your next step is to know your powers so well that you wont even have to think about it. I know you can do it! And I will be there for you whenever you need me and so will the rest of our family. But when the times comes for you to fight we are going to have to leave you, you won't understand now, for the resaons are unclear, but just remember I am always in your heart."

"Don't forget Cloe, I will always be there with you, I will be fighting by your side the whole time." Calvin said with a big smile on his face. He was gleaming with pride for what I will one day in the very near future accomplish. I smilled at him but in my heart I was scared.

"Yes not only are you going to have to trust your powers but you most trust Calvin too. He also has a very big destiny and he's been doing a great job so far." J.r. was quite as he stared at us smilling. "You guys are so young but I have every once of confidence that you will come out with shinning colors.....Well on to the work there will be more time later for the pep-talks." He laughed.

I'm so tired right now. Every day has been so tiering but I'm anxiouse every morning to learn more. I wish my mom was here because at night I get so scared and even though I know I can go to Calvin for anything it's just not the same.

Oh yeah I saw Calvin looking at a photograph of his family, I know he misses them dearly. I feel bad for him because I know what it's like to not have your family with you.

And Johnny's been gone. Calvin said he has things to do. It sounds like he's keeping something from me. When I told him that he just looked at me and smiled then walked away. I wonder what Johnny's doin and if he has a big destiny too.
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