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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2003 at 3:55pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: the world is a vampire
Subject: describe
We've been practicing my powers all morning long since like 6 this morning we stop occasionaly for food and bathroom brakes. It's lots of fun. I'm still learning how to stop time for just one thing. It's hard. My aim is so off. But that makes sense I guess casue I can't throw a ball so how am I suppossed to throw time? Haha

I've been practicing on Calvin even though he's kind of big and he's alot to freeze it's easier than say an animal cause they move to much. On Calvin sometimes I just freeze certain parts on him like only his hand or leg. It's really rather funny! Except one time I think I froze his umm... yeah. I was trying to aim for his stomach so it would go all over his body but I think it went a little to low. You should have saw his face expression! It was so funny. J.r. saw and started busting up laughing but with just a twitch of his hand Calvin was ok. He got kind of mad though, thats why were taking a break.

Anyway I'm gonna describe everyone right now cause I'm right awake and I'm in the mode to write.

Calvin: Tall, Black Hair kinda long to his shoulders, Light Skin, Green Eyes, Skinny.
He's so sweet! He's really smart too. I know that if I'm in trouble he's always gonna be there for me. He's done a good job of taking care of me so far. I'm sure that in the neat future we are going to become really good friends.

Johnny: Tall (even taller than Calvin), Even lighter skin, RED HAIR (hehe cute!) Blue eyes.
He's so nice too! Except that he's so quite I haven't had any time to spend with him but he's so great you can't help but feel comfortable around him. I still want to know what his powers are, I know he has some!

J.r.: Dark Brown Hair, Light Brown Eyes Almost Hazel, Pretty Light Skin, He's so funny! When I'm with him I never stop laughing. He's also a great teacher. He's taught me so much. I've gotten so attached to him and I've only met him a couple of days ago.

Gigi: She's my dog. She's a mutt so I don't know what she is. She has short hair thats grey and brown eyes. She's small enough to fit in my backpack when she doesn't want to walk. She can be a bit spoiled sometimes but I love her so much. She's the only thing that has stayed constant in my life. I found her when she was just a little baby I was about 10 we've been insperable ever since.

Cloe (me): Im kinda short. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Theres nothing about me that makes me special or anything I think I'm very plain.

Well thats about all I can think of to describe the people in my lives. There so great and its hard to describe how they are in the inside not just there outside apperances.

Well I think practice is gonna start soon so I better get a snack cause we usually don't have dinner till late.
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