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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2003 at 2:35am
Current mood: afraid
Music: evil
Subject: it came by night
About an hour ago something came into my room. I was so scared. It came in through my window. I screamed of course, and moments later Calvin came running in with his bow and arrow. It was like this large shadow thing. It turned into a guy. I was about to scream again when something came out of his hands. It was like a dark powedery ball. It wasn't solid but like some sort of magic.

I screamed out stop!!! And the evil ball thingy just frozed in mid-air. The reason it just didn't fall on the floor was that I frozed everything around it too.

The guy and Calvin stared in disbelieve for a couple of seconds. Calvin was faster to gather his wits because he quickly put his arrow in position and aimed it at the guy.

The guy just smilled and jumped out the window. Did I mention this is a 3 story house.

I've been in the bathroom ever since I feel like throwing up. I don't know why I just do. Calvin wants me to let him in but I wont.

I'll write more later. I better go talk with Calvin.
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