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time (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2003 at 3:53am
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: rollercoasters are evil!
I talked to Calvin. He said, "The reason that you feel sick is becasue you just froze it when you werent thinking and it took alot of your energy.

"I thought you wanted me to not think about it and just come naturaly?" I said. I was kinda pissed.

"I want it to come second nature for you. So you don't have to think about it. But your still learning so it's going to be hard. It's like for the first time you just went on a rollercoaster, you'r body's not used to it so it's making you want to throw up. It's naturaly. When you learn when your little it wouldn't have been so bad cause your used to learning new things but now it's hard. But, don't worry it'll get better."

"I don't like rollarcoasters."

Calvin laughed, "You did a good job though. I would have gotten really hurt if you hadn't had stopped that energy ball."

"Who was that. Why did he want to hurt me?"

"That's the kind of thing i've been protecting you all your life. They've always sent amatures cause they thought I couldn't handle them. I could, of course. Today they sent someone that I normally would have had a problem with but they weren't expecting you to do that. That was a great hit! Let me just say that I am really proud of you."

We were standing up but I sat on the floor cause i was tired. He sat with me.

"There's this evil force, I guess you could call him 'The Bad Guy,' Mark Simms. I don't know much about him but I do know that he wants to the rule the world (The motive for every bad guy.) But this isn't any villian, he's something worse. He's just a regular guy, by that I mean no powers, he used to be a scientest. His main study was TIME. When he figured out that there were people could change time. He found out about your mother.

He conned some "power sorcerers" into helping him. What they do is they make power. Thats how we have electricity and stuff they felt sorry for the people with out powers because the only great invention they had was fire. So they created electrictiy for them since they couldn't make there own. Thomas Edison, he was the one with the idea, haha he didn't mind getting rich helping the poor mortals.

Anyway Mr. Simms said that he wanted help so that the world would run better with the power they could supply. They eagerly wanted to help. There not that smart about stuff like that. They sent some of there men with him so they could help him with his plan. He turned told them his plan to rule the world. They didn't want anything to do with that, but when he offered money they couldn't resist.

Ever since he's been trying to get a time sorcerer, first he was trying to get your mom, actually he just sent power sorcerers. Your mom and my dad were really srtong and they fought for along time. But he sent so many and they were so much stronger that our parents couldn't fight anymore. They died an honorable death.

Now he's after you. But I will fight with you even harder than my father fought, and I will not fail."

"Thank you!" I couldn't help it but I gave him a hug. He was surprised but he huged me back I hadn't hugged anyone since I was little, it was nice.

"You need to sleep now. We need to keep working and you're gonna need your strength. Good night."

"Good night. And thanks again. And I do feel safe with you and I'm starting to believe that we can beat this."
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