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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2003 at 10:31pm
i really hate this feeling.

people are envious of me... i really don't know why.
if people like me, want to be my friend then why do i always feel so alone

i constantly find myself watching friends joking around, making plans... i used to have that.. if this is what everythings being reduced to by growing up then i don't know if i really want to...

16 day. 16 days until i turn 18. thats 2 weeks and 2 days.

i don't know.

i'm a dreamer... i've always held such high hopes and aspirations and .. i don't know.

i can't seem to get excited about anything anymore... is that bad?
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12-04-03 11:08pm

You should know that Jonide was talking about you at lunch today. She said that you're singing voice is so pretty. She wants to be able to sing like you in band, hehe. ^_^

Happy early birthday, 18 is a milestone!

Don't be sad, Vivi.
I'm your friend. So are a lot of other people. We all love you, even if you feel lonely- and perhaps more so when you do. Don't forget that we care. : )
Always will.

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12-06-03 12:46am

Aw, but we joke around and make plans! And you know I'm envious of anyone that has a boyfriend, especially a really sweet one like Greg.

Everyone feels alone, it sucks.

Rose and I both got kinda depressed about turning 18. 17 is the perfect age, but trust me, 18 won't be bad at all. Especially with your kickass party! And now you can come with me and Rose to Ft. Lauderdale for porn shopping!

I <3<3<3 you!

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