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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2003 at 12:34am
Music: alicia keys- u don't know my name >>luan did u listen 2 it yet, lol
Subject: hi, my name is sameen and i have a problem
and it feels like... ooo u don't know my name

hey guys,

was up?? nothin much here. well i havent updated in a while, so i'll just off wit yesterday:


we had a sub and he didnt say one word besides the attendance- hey, it's all good :D i, for one, didnt mind.

and then i went 2 ceramics.

and i just.. looked around and everyone had somethin really neat about there project, esp on the outside, and mine was plain. so i cut a shape into it- i was so nervous. i thot i was gonna detroy it. but i didnt.. i like how it is now. it started out wit my initial, S, and turned into just somethin totally different, something abstract- i like the evolution of the whole process.

of course around 10, the ppl who had epstein left- like 3 ppl lol [me included.] it was good. but man, it's so hard 2 fite the temptation.. of talking lol. i dunno, i just can't. i know, it sounds so simple, but i dunno, i think the chemical reaction doesn't go on in my brain or something.. i dunno, im not even gonna bullshit. straight up: i dunno WHY i can't shut up. but it's not like that at home lol. it's like.. at school it turns on: my talking. i mean, not that i'm dead quiet at home or nething, but... NEWAY, man, i can't even STAY ON TOPIC when i talk lol. it's funny. i'm not criticizing myself, i'm just sayin how pathetic i am. it's funny. neway, since i'm already off topic. if i werent me, and if someone else were [Lord, have mercy on their soul lol] i dunno how i wud deal wit that person, i wud punch them. how do YOU guys stand me? lol.. ahh :D NEWAY the state senator seemed really nice and genuine. and plus he wasn't that old. so we cuz somewhat relate or he cud talk 2 us better..

next was lunch: all of ib. i sat wit my usual group tho. me, myeong, edgar, and sunil, and i think there was someone else... i don't remember, damn who cares neway? lol.. it's not like ne of u guys REALLY wanna know that bad who i sat wit at lunch on thursday, 12/04, at 11:40, rite? lol. i hate goin into so much detail lol.

neway, after lunch: morone:

it was ridiculous, and not in a good way. i think it was SO unbelievably wrong how ppl took advantage of him. it's like, ok????? wtf? y can't u just go 2 ur own damn classes 4 just one hr. and even if u did come, y didnt u just leave when the bell 4 third lunch rang? and some ppl were so damn rude, they don't even HAVE him 4 a teacher, but they came. i'm sry if i "offend" ne1, but that's just my opinion... especially when it was SO many ppl, and ur classes can't b THAT bad where u can't just go 4 a damn hr... and ppl were blasting music and shit that had cuss words and stuff, it's like, at least show respect- if u're gonna go into some teacher's room who u don't know, stay there the whole hr, make noise, disrupt his class, and w.e... then have some common sense wit it. lol u all KNOW i just wrote about yesterday so i cud write about that lol, but ya know, u know how we do in west boca- keepin it real..

and then in spanish:

it was eh. just eh. u know what i mean.. lol

and then TODAY

chem: sub- w/s

alg: took test. ah if i did bad on it, im SO screwed, i dont even wanna think about it.

econ: if i did bad on that test, im SO screwed, dont even wanna think about it.. again, even tho we took it a LONG time ago lol.

art: test, w.e. i don't care. i get an 88.7, so i know i mita gotten an a, but last quarter i got a b, so, i'm sure i won't get a on the semester exam, u know??

and then today was jackie's party. it was a lotta fun. i'm glad i went. it was nice 2 meet her other friends. i'm the twister champion. i wuda one tho the other time, but someone intentionally pushed me, cuz i wudnt give up. but ahh my joints hurt so much after it. it's good.. yoga stuff tho. seriously. and then, when my mom came 2 pick me up, i ran 2 the gate lol. cuz i called her 2 come, and then she i ran all the way there before she came. lol. i probably looked like a freak or like some murderer was chasin me at 11 o'clock at nite. i'm such a freak. will someone seriously tell me what is wrong wit me?? but u know what i realized tho, we r ALL screwed up. we have all gone through shit that makes us messed up. seriously- think about it.

well, i guess that's it. i commend u if u read this lol. hahaha peaceee
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12-06-03 8:27am

sameen! lol...we can stand you :) u don't talk that much. oh wait, u do. lol wen u go overboard, just respect our "shut up sameen's!" for what they are.

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12-09-03 5:07pm

lol chameen u made me crack up.. yeh i dunno how i stand u actually.. i think i juss got imuned to u after da years.. lol haha jp jp..ur so phanny n vierd.. sorry for da fobbiness HHHayrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy khodaaaaaaaa esh! ki zontrona reh bhai.. haffes

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Re:, 12-11-03 8:59pm

Amara thinks shes so hott cause she can speak Bangali(sp?) is that the language? sorry. but uhh no i havent yet.. so..

khodaaaaaaaa esh! ki zontrona reh bhai.. haffes

feliz navidad!

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Re: Re:, 12-13-03 12:17am

luan lol.. u make me crack up.. khodahaffes bhai

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