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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2003 at 4:46pm
Current mood: dorky
Music: Rakuen | DNAngel
Subject: .. In a room with no windows..
Konichiwa minna-san!

Its been an interesting past few days. Yesterday I was supposed to go on stage with a few friends in fron of the whole school, and sing and dance around singing Rudolph in Japanese.. The WHOLE school wiht people who could actually sing and dance.. Gah, I got so freaked out I didn't go on with them. I'm sure they are pissed off at me but hey.. Whatever, I can't even stand in front of my class and talk! Well, i'm glad I didn't go because the school screwed them into the ground anyways. They were told they had to hold mics and they wouldn't play a CD in the background for them. Well they got up there, and they mics were on stands.. They began to sing, and what do you know? The song started... Theyw ere a bit freaked out after that so, they went with the song but all of them were off on the dancing and stuff.. >>; I felt so bad for them. ^^;; But anywho. I was watching "My Life as a Teenaged Robot" last night on Nick. xD And the whole episode she spoke in Japanese, it was awsome!!!! =3 Anywho. I'm going to beg my mom to take me to the Strip again with Miki-chan and Amanda-chan! Ja mata ne!


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