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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2003 at 9:09pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Everybody to the Limit
Subject: i can say it...fhqwhgads
haha yeaa man u gotta say it with a flourish...
DUDE i gotta a hippo...its the cutest thing ever- im in love...amanda and chelcy u guys are truly the raddest...haha my mints will surly be gone by next week...
so guess im going to macbeth alone...and im flying home cause im good like if i could drive...mandy omg whats with the braves...theyre gunna be horrible im not watching them anymore without Javy naw way man forget but we'll still go to the games...ill drive cause ill soooo have my 50 hours in by then haha
*Sadie Hawkins dance in my khaki pants...theres nothing better oh oh oh...*
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12-10-03 5:43pm

hungry hungry i am def rad like wo...haha sry thats you... your mints are almost gone now! ppl these days...looks like your goin to macbeth alone bc not only are you a loser *kiddin! love ya* but your the only one with a ticket! WHO seriously..what kind of ppl want to go to a high school production of macbeth!

Hey we'll find better ppl to play for the braves...who needs em anyway...dang traitors i hope they have a horrible year-all those guys that left... ***Oh OH OOHH*** you def wont have 5 hours by then! hope your parents will lie to tell them you have 50 hrs! haha--but really im not kidding---haha yeah i am--lol--love ya!

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