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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2003 at 10:55pm
Music: zwan.
the week was a drag. i tried to keep a happy face. ned's ned.

apparently according to 100% of people i associate with at school, i'm gay.


lucy. i'm going to go fucking insane.

maryland. maryland is X miles away from here.

ned is going to go to nyc tomorrow by himself and "hang out" with nikol.

nikol and ned. firecrotch.

i'm horny. i'm lonely. this weekend is going to be another weekend. crap.

i want to hang out with someone and just... drink and hang out and be happy.

ned said i should hang out with bari more. ugh. i dont know. i dont feel confident being around bari. i feel so... worthless.

i'm never going to hang out with kate. i've decided. she's too... kate. she's not mine. she's ross' friend. she's bari's friend. despite the fact that she lives 5 minutes from me and now does not have a boyfriend, and it pretty cool..

i dont know what would make me happy right now.

i want a girl again.
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