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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2003 at 4:12pm
Music: The Pixies-Bleed
I copied Kate..cuz i thought it was interesting..skip over it if you wish.

Things about me you may not know

-i like to hang out with guys rather than girls.
-i really do love my mom even though i say i hate her a lot.
-i really do hate my dad.
-i have a step brother.
-when i know the answer to a question i dont answer it because i think it will be wrong.
-i dont tell a guy if i have feelings for them, unless they tell me first (if i feel the same).
-i hate my hair.
-i trust guys easier than girls.
-i have never done any drugs. and i dont plan on it.
-some of the people i hug everyday i cant stand.
-i used to lie about everything. not sure why. i dont anymore.
-i hate when people on chat say "fine..dont say hi"
-i hate when people say "sounds like a personal problem"
- i hate sitting in the front of the class. (like in second hour)
-i fall asleep a lot in class.
-i constantly need to know what time it is.
-in my head i schedule my day before and after school. (example: when i will do my homework, and what i will do first) its crazy.
-i am extremely organized.
-i write poems and songs daily. most of them suck.
-i keep a lot of things to myself.
-i dont have one person i tell everything to.
-i cant concentrate in classes if i have good friends in that class.
-if i tried, i could understand math.
-i have a lot of maturing to do. but i dont want to.
-once someone lies to me i have a hard time talking to them again.
-i dont trust anyone completely.
-i love darkness.
-i take a shower everyday because i like the smell of my soap. *laughs
-i havent played my guitar in weeks. due to frustration.
-i love to wrestle with my friends. even though im weak. its just fun.
-if i dont hug people or dont get hugs at school its a bad day.
-i wake up throughout the night. all the time. i have to lay in bed for an hour before i fall asleep.
-i keep every cd i have ever received or bought.
-i own 132 cds that i actually listen to. i have about 30 or more i dont listen to.
-while chatting on messenger i forget im talking to people and just stop.
-i havent watched tv in weeks.
-i like having posters all over my walls.
-i have to straighten my hair, its naturally curly.
-i want to learn how to skateboard.
-i am unsure of my religion and beliefs.
-i love acoustic songs.
-i listen to music everyday. for atleaste 3 hours.
-i spend way too much time on the internet.
-last week on friday i was online for 12 hours straight.
-i have 2 smog journals and 4 woohu journals.
-i like blue jeans. but they shrink up or dont look right. so most of the pants i wear are black.
-people sing the song "stacys mom" by fountains of wayne to me atleaste once a day. i hate it.
-i get weak in the knees when a singer screams (a good scream, example: the used, or tbs scream).
-i eat chocolate chips out of the bag.
-i hate the crust on bread.
-in the morning i usually dont know what shirt i put on..i just throw a hoodie on.
-i hate when shirts dont fit me anymore. like my system of a down shirt *frowns
-i like when the bottom of my pants are ripped.
-i hate to tie my shoes.
-i hate talking on the phone.
-i like when guys hair is messy and hangs in their face.
-i dont get scared easily.
-i like to break rules.
-i say fuck all the time.
-i have tried to stop swearing. i cant.
-i think its sexy when guys wear pink. and if they wear colorful bracelets.
-i love to watch guys play guitar.
-i can ride in a car for hours if i have a cd player and my cds.
-i only drink water and chocolate milk.
--i have a lot more to write but my hands hurt. and you pry dont care.

..i hope others do this so i can learn about them. ;)
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12-13-03 9:00pm

*actually read everything* i guess theres some useful information in there

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-in the morning i usually dont know what shirt i put on..i just throw a hoodie on., 12-14-03 4:52pm

yeah. i do that alot too. i don't know what shirt i'm wearing 99% of the time.

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