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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 8:58am
Current mood: confused
Music: the sound of my sister running down the hallway
Subject: OMFG
this weekend has been a pretty good one. i went to the school dance on friday, it wasnt all that great but oh well. then after that i went and spent the night at sara's house and we had so much. at least i did. we screamed and laughed so much. it was sop fun. we went on a wlak when it was dark and there was this group of teenagers getting high and wasted at this one house. they told us to come over to them...we didnt...but they asked us if we smoked and we said no...and we walked away. then they said "bye wel love you." it was freaky but SO FUNNY at the same time. the girl was so wasted it wasnt even funny. after that we went back to her house and stayed up till like four. it was fun. then at lik seven in the morning courtney decides to get up and try to wake us up. we woke up for like two seconds then went back to sleep. then at ten she decides to try again. she sat on blondie and poked her and kicked her and yelled. but sara pretened to sleep. blondie was NOT happy at all when she got up.after ronnie left blondie and i went to the park and watched tv and she hung out. after i went hom i didmy homework and talked to brian for 4.5 hours. it was great. he told me he loved me and that i was beautiful so many times. he is so sweet. and the wierd thing is...we arent even going out...yet. i think i am starting to like him. he has like me for a while and i never really liked him the way he liked me...but i think im starting to now. oh crap!!!! my friends are gonna HATE me if i go out with him. oh well even if i do start to like him i wont tell him or anybody so then they won bug me about it. anyways i g2g. ttyl.

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hola!, 12-14-03 11:33pm

i dont care if your frends hate you for going out with him!! you can like him if you want, and he is really sweet. i think you should go out with him. and if your friends do anything about it, slap em like you slap me and call em jealous bitches.


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Re: hola!, 12-15-03 10:50am

yeah i know i shouldnt worry about them hating me...but thats not the only reason im not going out with him. im not even sure if i like him and it would be really wierd after we broke up. and i dont really want a boyfriend right now. too mush extra stress. i dont need that right now.

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