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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 7:31pm
Current mood: happy but tired
Music: everytime i close my eyes - babyface
so this weekend...well it was long but fun at the same time!

friday i went to chris' house and hung out with him all night :-) watched a movie and i fell asleep in his bed and he didn't wake me up! lol what a sweet heart! <3 saturday! well here it goes...
so i woke up and just kinda hung around the house then i was gonna go to the hockey game with kane and allie but my mom wouldn't let me cuz she was being stupid but then when i asked her i was going to hang out with my friend kristy she said whatever...WTF?? ha but i haven't hung out with kristy in a while so...she came and got me and we drove ALL THE WAY to marshall and we got there....and the swim meet was over! ha imagine that! but the drive was fun, kirsty is a cool girl and we had a good then we went over to chris' dad's house and hung out with him, rented finding favorite movie!...and watched that then kirsty left to go hang out with her friend and me and chris watched the rest and he took me home. then i called tifferz and that's when my night began...
so she comes over and we decide to go to steak n shake, we saw michelle leanne and adriana so we sat with them and chilled. then we headed over to mikey b's house for a lil bit! aww what a cutie, i love that kid! we explored his HUGE ass house till we finally found him and corey and just chilled with those funny guys for a while! then mitchell twayed me and asked me to go to this we drove out to pennfield thinkin that we were goin the right way......WAY OFF! so we drove back and sat at the liberty parking lot, saw bmarz and nicholas and talked to them for a few. then we decided to go across the street and sit in the bank parking lot cuz liberty was too scary....two white girls in a lil ford escort car....i don't think so! so we started puttin on make up and stuff and then chilled till mitch got there and we followed him to this GHETTO house IN THE GHETTO and was scary. so we went in the hosue with chris nobel and this guys parents are sittin there...then his mom is standing outside the room door staring and i just got freaked out....i looked at tiff and we both had that look like "save me" so i said hey we better get goin tiff, my mom wants us home at 11:30. so we left! drove to my house and tiff had to piss sooo bad, go to open my door....whatta's LOCKED! shit mother fucker! so we had a hell of a time getting in my house throught my bedroom window...broke a couple screens, my blinds, oh and my moms flower box outside my window! greaattt....ha but we fixed it...kinda. lol mitch shows up at my house and we meet him up at sweetwaters later to go out to the STIX at this kids house...they were waiting for his mom to get there to smoke with him!! omg! haha so it was just a bunch of thugs and crap so we left after a lil bit...came to my hosue and i was ready for bed....but tiff wanted pizza. so we searched for a pizza place that delivered and finally called up papa johns and got them to deliver to us at 2 in the morning we were sitting in my room, on my bed, eating pizza! it was a great night :-)

so i woke up today and got all dressed up and went to a christmas play with benjamin out at cornwell's turkey farm...and that was really fun, love my ben!! :-P he was crackin me up...but we had a good time. it was a bonding experience...haha

now i just got done workin out, gotta do some h/w i'm sure, then talk to christopher and sleep! only 5 more days of school till x-mas break!!!!!!! thank GOD!!! whoo hoo! well that's all for now! later dudes

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12-15-03 10:18am

yeah sounds like a blast.

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Re:, 12-15-03 3:16pm

it was!

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