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LOSERxDORK (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2003 at 10:31pm
Current mood: amused
Music: anything by yellowcard
haha im feeling alittle better. still got my congestion going! i went into school 6th-9th and that was fun! (haha yeah right) then i came home,went to the doctor,got wendys, downloaded the sims makin' magic, decorated our tiny christmas tree [even though im jewish], and just hung around. i told jenn i have bronchitus and she goes OHHH you have 'bronk-e-i-tuz' i was like umm no but OK SWEETHEART! haha i love jenn with all my heart. 14 years and still going strong! hahaha best friends for life <3


someone come up with a good signature. i'll put a couple here and you pick one of these or tell me a better one

-theres nothing left thats real
mariss .!.!. riss .!.!.

....or just give me better ideas!
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12-16-03 10:11am


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12-16-03 2:54pm

-there's nothing left that's real


amy is the best friend ever and she is soooo fucking cool, and her eyebrows are gorgeous, roflmao

yeah yeah im sick im sick im sick im sick..what do you wnat to do this weekend? wow, i hdefinately have to go hannukah shopping, basicallyyy because fucking hannukah is in 3 days. what the fuck, i hope i get better by thursday, maybe ill go last minute hannukah shopping then, i need to get so much fucking shit. alright, holler back, lmao

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Re:, 12-16-03 3:34pm

heh did you see that? someone called me a loser ANONYMOUSLY. if you wanna call me a loser do it with your name revealed hmmmm. yeah i need to get a present for my sister still and i need a birthday present and a channukah present for my mom and dad. ARG w/e if i dont get better by this weekend im going to DIE!

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