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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2003 at 9:10am
Current mood: relaxed
Subject: In a crazy mixed up world...
what am i supossed to do...? turn right or left? wait was i not supossed to say that or was i to do something else...? am i to accept everything that happens with a big grin or can't i just cry... why can't life be easy...why cant i go around giggling with no cares in the world every day...haha cause that wouldnt be life... why does reality have to kick in... purpose of life is known but why cant many people accept it...? is love really that confusing or do we just all make it that more complex... theres nothing wrong with u if u cant get over that one person- one day u will...itll hit you...bam in the face... so many questions that will go un-answered...ahh thats life for ya...

being able to wake up late...its truly amazing
well definently in need of some cartoons and a smoothie...<3
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12-19-03 4:01pm

It wouldn't be called a crush if it didn't hurt...
<3 ya, Elli Mae

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Re:, 12-20-03 9:59pm

wow aint that the truth...

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12-20-03 8:33pm

okay.. love is confusing... and guys make it much more complicated!

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