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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2003 at 1:21pm
Music: simple plan - one day
Subject: squash that drama !! lol
all drama is squashed, i dont hate anybody/ not mad at anybody.. me and heather are straight.. we're squashing all the old drama, which is also what i did w/ a few other ppl, i think that'll be my new year's resolution lmao.. get rid of all the excess drama.. or at least try to.. oh, i've decided waht i want to get my momma for xmas.. i wanna get her a charm that says i love you or mom or something like that, i made her something in ceramics.. but its not all i wanna get her ya know? i talked to nate today, imma get him a new tongue ring after i get my xmas money. BREAK TIME! winter break is finally here, sleepin' in, no more school..SPIFFIE! lol, well i really have nothing to update, and i should prob. clean my room or do something productive, catch ya on the flip side lol!
lates! - danielle!
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12-22-03 5:27pm

wait... how do you say "one" in spanish???

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Re:, 12-22-03 9:54pm

uno...haha.. ur funny!!

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