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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2002 at 10:00pm
Current mood: good
Music: Lost Prophets
I'm so bored. Ahhhh! This is only the first day of spring break, and i know i'll have more fun later. I am really bugged on something. Pot. Weed. Hash. Doobie. Reefer. Herb. Grass. Mary Jane. Bud. Ganja. YEah, most likely you know the stuff. It really bothers me and i don't care if people think i'm stupid for thinking it. People i talk to will be like "oh, yeah, your gonna do it, i know you will." and no matter what i say never convinces them i won't. i don't even want to. but at times i've considered it. then changed my mind. I think its stupid, and it wrecks your life. But i'm still friends with people who do it all the time, even after they get caught! It is so frickn stupid, and it makes me mad. i don't care if it gets you high or gives you a buzz or anything, and people will say stuff like, oh, you wouldn't know what its like till you do it, and don't dis it till you try it, you'll have fun, you'd be so funny high. But whats a good buzz worth if it makes you so frickn dumb. I can have some great times and not have me end up bein dumb in the end. Ahhh. I think its stupid. Sure, i'll joke about it and crap, but i don't think it's cool at all. and i don't care what people think about me if i don't like it. most my friends who do it know it bothers me and are still friends with me anyways. Even the guy i went out with ended up doing it. Sure, i knew he did it before, but then when we started going out, he asked me if it was okay, and i made it clear it wasn't. He said okay, and he wouldn't do it if it meant that much. It did mean that much to me to have is dumb trust the whole time we were frickn goin out. after we broke up, i found out from his best friend, who is also one of my good friends, who stopped doing it for a girl, and because he doesn't want to do it anymore, he told me that guy had done it most the time we were goin out. Sux don't it? Yeah. No trust in him at all. No trust. Overall, i think its stupid, and when all these zitty-potheads are sitting on their sewn-up couch in their front yard, watchin cars go buy while smokin the last of it in their water bong, no money to buy more of the shit, only thinking about it cuz they're so frickn dumb, i'm gonna be makin money and doin better, funner things. So, that's what i think. i don't care if you agree or not.
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