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BrownIedMissJ (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2003 at 9:25pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: nothin'
Subject: Guess What?!
I got a dog you guys isn't it great! She is so pretty and cute and prtty and cute. And she is just like a baby. She is sleep right now and she was dreamin' and stuff and she was kickin' her two front legs, Jinelle said she was dreamin. Her name is Kemo (jocelyn named her) and i don't know what she is but she is a mixed breed. So cute she is! See my sentences don't even make since im so happy!!!!! I'm gonna be able to walk her and feed her and clean her and i can PLAY WITH HER TOO!!!!!!! Oh i am so full of glee and christmas doggy happiness!

Much Love
Many Kisses
Miss J

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12-20-03 1:34pm

aww! Kemo is a caute name actually. I mite get more froggies..woot woot! I wanna go ova dere and see her! Do she look like the lil cute rich lookin puppy dogs that I want?

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Hiiiii, 12-23-03 12:11pm

Hi Javonne, wuts up yay. your journal is nice wut you talkin bout oh yeah i was wondering can you here my music in the background? anyways yayyy Javonne. Buh Bye


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