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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2003 at 2:10am
Current mood: morose
I'm typing this in WordPad right now, because last time I tried to update, I had a good chunk of text waiting to be entered, and I was trying to upload some videos at the same time. Of course, the website decides to shut down. I closed it, which in turn shut down every single Internet Explorer box open. That was just annoying. So this way there's absolutely no possibility of me losing this. Because it's been over a week since I last updated, and because I promised Porcelain, this update shall be extremely long. Granted, half of it will be pictures and videos, but that's only because I'm lazy.

Along with the rest of the world, I'm insanely glad that finals are over. I never usually let those stress me out, but they got to me this year. I'm pretty sure that I died on math, which was two freaking days long. So much for getting better than a C. In English, I bet I failed the Tempest part, but that's okay. Chemistry was easy, except for I forgot my polyatomic ions cheat sheet and had to figure out a way to pass a super spy note to Adrienne asking her what they were. That was funny, because I tried to throw it on her desk and it fell on the floor, out of both of our reaches. After a huge dilemma, I finally got it to her..but of course, she had forgotten them too. I ended up putting C, because that always works. I ruled in Spanish, coming away with a ninety-seven percent (that means I only missed five! ha!), which left me with a ninety-five in the class. Not bad for not trying at all. Mod civ was alright, but Melanie copied like my whole scantron..heh. It's okay, she's awesome. Speaking of mod civ, the people in that class are incredibly stupid. It's because it's not an honors class, and usually all the morons get weeded out because they're too stupid to make honors. Obviously. In class on Thursday, these stupid kids that sit in the back of the class were lighting the textbooks on fire, spitting on each other, and making paper airplanes with freaking swastikas on them and throwing them around. One of them hit me in the back of the head, and they were all, "Oh, huh huh huh, can we have that back?" I said, "Sure, here!" and I crumpled it up and threw it back at them. Wahaha. They deserve to be shot or something. People that dumb shouldn't pass preschool. Oh well, hopefully I'll never see them again. Did I mention I have three weeks of freedom? Heck yes.

Too bad I'm going to be horribly out of shape when school starts again because the doctor said I'm not allowed to play soccer for the whole Winter Break. My leg (the sprained hamstring) hadn't been getting any better, which was only because I kept playing on it when they told me not to. What, did they really think I would stop playing? Right. I really ripped it up last Saturday when we had the Hart Tournament, because Mike put me in defense. Uh, I don't play defense! Everyone was talking about how fast I was after the game though..yeah, too bad I can't run anymore. So, the doctor told me to do the heat/ice thing (which I'm not doing because I'm lazy), stay off of it for three weeks, and do physical therapy (yay, now I get to see TWO therapists! joy). When I heard that, I said, "Physical therapy for a sprained hamstring. Did I hear you right?" Ah well, my doctor's nuts. Last time I was in there she told me I looked grunge. Okay whatever crazy doctor lady, you're strange.

Christmas is in less than six days, and I haven't gotten anyone their presents yet. This is not good. I wish everyone would just provide a nice list of things they want and give it to me in June or something. That would make shopping so much easier. Speaking of shopping, did I mention that I hated Walmart? I had to go there with my mom last Sunday to buy something, and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. She gave me some money and told me to take my little sister to the McDonalds that's in the store and buy us all food. Of course, I walk in there and it's absolutely packed. However, it's not packed with normal's filled with nasty, disgusting, white/brown/black trash (I'm not being racist here, it's the truth), half of which are disgustingly, morbidly obese. It was kind of funny though, because the people in front of us were speaking Spanish to the cashier, and my little sister asked me, "Do I have to speak Spanish to order something?" Silly kid. Let me tell you, I never want to go to Walmart during holiday season again. Scratch that, I never want to go to Walmart again ever. Everyone in there thinks that whatever way they're pushing their cart is the ONLY way. Of course, that same thing is running through the mind of every other person with a shopping cart filled with crap or a stroller filled with nasty kids with drool running down their smashed in, crying, idiot faces. We were walking down the aisles to get some stupid unnecessary thing, and these two people (one cart and one stroller) came at us from the front, each converging in on each other, determined to keep going even if the only way to do so was to run us over. We stopped, not wanting to get hit, and they both stopped and WE JUST STOOD THERE STARING AT EACH OTHER. They wouldn't move! I finally got pissed off (even more so than I already was, if that was possible) and yelled, "EXCUSE ME CAN ONE OF YOU PLEASE MOVE THANK YOU!!!!!" I guess I was intimidating (although I don't see how that could be, because I'm willing to bet my life savings that they both weighed at least triple what I am), because they moved. And god, did I mention I hated Walmart? Yeah.

My dog keeps getting up and going to my parents' room and barking, and it's two in the morning, and I have soccer early tomorrow even though I can't play, so this is all you get. Wait, what am I saying? "All" you get? Yeah, sure. From now on, I shall be more prompt in my updates so that no one will have to suffer through this.
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12-20-03 2:44pm

The. Best. Entry. In. The. World. *Adds to favorites.* I will comment more on this later (only because I'm insanely busy right now).

But those videos are fucking hilarious. XD

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12-20-03 2:59pm

Nancy really pumps my nads. I haven't seen you around lately. We need to go on a cone/coner safari sometime soon. JAVA.

-Kylie Rae Hawkins

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