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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2003 at 2:36am
Copy it then paste it intoyour journal - bold things that you agree with and if you don't agree then change them into something that you do agree with.

-edit- I really screwed up the whole bold thing so yeah.. uh don't pay attention to that part
1. I hate people dying.
2. I need to go to sleep
3. I was thinking of agreeing with more of these just to not have to make these up
4. I wish I was home alone so I could be loud.
5. I want to lose weight
6. I want to be in the school's band
7. I was born in February (sp?)
8. Music is one of my favorite things
9. I am obsessed with Harry Potter
10. I need to excercise more.
11. I love to laugh.
12. My room is blue
13. I am listening to nothing
14. Something Corporate me happy
15. I hate people who smell bad on multiple occasions
16. Everyone should shower more often
17. I love stars
18. I love Brand New
19. I am a huge procrastinator.
20. I wish I could have more self esteem.
21. I love oriental top ramen
22. I am sometimes stressed
23. I like where I live
24. I am an odd cookie
25. I need to learn how to drive.
26. I like have never drank beer.
27. I have never smoked pot
28. It is after noon
29. I don't go to school tomorrow
30. I love Taking Back Sunday
31. Roaches scare me
32. Especially the big roaches
33. I hate guys that lead you on then say they don't like you.
34. I wish it would snow in Bakersfield
35. I love the cold.
36. I love Daria
37. I'm not a senior in high school
38. I need to drink more water
39. my shirt is red
40. I don't own sponge bob underpants
41. I never get pay days
42. I am happy most of the time
43. I haven't seen Marilyn Manson in concert
44. I admire creativity
45. I like concerts
46. i am not a registered voter
47. I own zero cats
48. I <3 the 80's
49. my hair is not died
50. I have 4 piercings (my ears)
51. I don't like people who wear fur
52. I'm not very bitchy.
53. I don't like people who seem unfriendly
54. I like to make friends
55. I sort of like rap
56. I love target
57. I don't like the zoo
58. I have never done heroin
59. I used to live in Oildale
60. I might hate you
61. I love bubble baths
62. I have never been arrested
63. I am still attending high school
64. I love my mom
65. I have never tried to commit suicide
66. I like to watch shows on mtv
67. My favorite new movie is Finding Nemo
68. I'm not crying
69. Sometimes my eyes cry, without me telling them to
70. I want to go to australia
71. Being 14 sucks
72. I want a hug
73. I have been home all day
74. I like silver sharpies
75. I'm not strong
76. I am severely ticklish
77. I learn song lyrics quickly
78. I like hats
79. I dislike many aspects of school
80. I want to be in love
81. I want to learn to speak chinese
82. dark blue is my favorite color
83. I like tinkerbell.
84. I wished I owned a c.d. alarm clock
85. I think Adam sucks.
86. I don't like when people brag
87. I hate when people can't take a joke
88. i want to have a hot tub in my living room
89. I've changed a lot in the past five months
90. I shop at stores
91. I hope to get a lot of money for Christmas
92. I want my hair to be longer
93. I hate liars
94. I want to have a Brand New orgy
95. I love emo
96. I hate when people say I look ugly
97. I don't know who Saul Williams is
98. I think I am not cool
99. I am ugly because no one wants to go to formal with me
100. I don't know who Mrs. Mullford is
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12-21-03 1:22pm

yeah, i totally remember you and i was wondering why you didnt update anymore?! but you are back! lol ttyl

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