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ertailapis (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 5:42pm
You represent... loneliness.
You represent... loneliness.
Always alone and always sad about it... unlike
angst, you don't have to look for a reason to
be miserable. You want to be in the company of
people but aren't sure how to act when you're
with them. Sometimes you have to make an
effort. You can't always wait for others to
come to you.

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Huh. That was unexpected.
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DUUUUUDE! LOL, 12-26-03 1:33am

Dude u so hardly update well Mikoo never does it seems owell it'z cool. love ya still. Dun make me mad i will put u over my knee u know i can lmao later -goldie

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