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fading-away (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 11:20pm
Current mood: sick
Music: 'Unbreak my Heart,' by Tony Braxton
Subject: I gots a cold
I am eternally grateful for things like Winter Break and such.. ^__^ Especially since I came down with a cold the day school ended. Gah. Hope no one caught it from me; my friends and I mooch offa' each other every day, so... I think the fact that I was walking around at night with a short sleeve on had something to do with it, ehehe. Ah well, least I have an excuse to lie there in bed and not do homework.. -cough cough-

Today was terrible, though. I woke up at 9:30 (goddamn) with a terrible headache and stumbled into the bathroom.. only to find that mucus had hardened on one side of my nose. Yeesh. To top it off my period had come (weeks early, gah) overnight, and.. well, you know the rest. Ergh. I'll probably be half dead on Christmas while the rest of my family frolicks about wildly around me.

To bed with me, g'bye!
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12-23-03 11:22am

awe, getting sick during vacation sucks...but if you don't have to do homework..:).

well i hope you feel better.

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be my friend.., 12-31-03 12:01pm

feel better soon.


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