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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2003 at 10:21am
Current mood: cold
Music: Go Girl ~ Koino Victory | Morning Musume
Subject: Koino Victory~!
Hm, I haven't updated this journal in a while.. So here are my updates.

I got my computer privilages back Dec 21. x_x; I thought I was going to die, this week has really sucked!! .. Yes, that means I'm going to ramble on about my horrible week. Gah, but I have two weeks of vacation and Christmas is this week. Eh he he he..

Yeah.. I got in a really big fight with my mom on Sunday, last week, and she was threatening to take me to Child haven.. I'd rather not go into details on the fight.. I made myself sick from crying to three hours though.. I've been sick all week. ._.; Gah. The CH thing she said was just to "get me to talk".. But oh well, I'm over the fight, and so is she. I was sick so I got to stay home on Monday, yay for me. That wasn't much fun though, so hey. We got a new bus driver Monday.. And I found out they changed the bus schedule after school.. So my bus stop was the last one whcih now we don't get there until 3:40 compared to 3:00.. --; It's 15 minutes away. Had my friend Katie not been on the bus Monday my grandma would have sat there and such. But Tuesday morning we had to take kids from a bus that broke down.. Our county has Bus problems, they've been eliminating bus stops. Keh. So we had to fit four to a seat.. Wensday on the way home the kids were messing around and the driver todl them to stop. They didn't, so she made them sit in the front, after giving her crap and lip we got to the first bus stop and had to sit there for half an hour waiting for th PI. I hate kids.. Why must I be stuck with them? Thursday we yet again had to fit more kids on our bus. After 15 minutes of those idiots refusing to scoot over, we got the other 60 kids on the bus.. And drove literally a block. -.-;; And then we had to swtich buses go on another bus, fit again 4 to a seat... And we were late for school because it took so long. And on the way home... MORE problems.. On the freeway, a kid threw a glass bottle out the window, hit a car, and nearly caused an accident. So.. The police pulled us over 5 mins. from the stop. -.-; And we sat there for about 45 mins. Yeah. This is my life. God kids my age are such IDIOTS. But oh well.. Only a few more years and I can escape.

-.- Friends suck. Yep.. Hm, I'm getting vibes from my Best Friend she just really doesn't want to see me. She was gone all weekend as said, so I didn't invite her to come over Saturday because she had just gotten home, but I wanted her to spend the night last night. Oh, no, because Heather is going to be coming over. So Iasked about after that and oh, no Miki-chan wants to see her before Christmas.. Well Damn, I want to she her before Christmas too! Or before next year, jeez... So I just called over there.. And that stupid fawking fat ass cow, Liz is over. I can't stand that girl. Last thing I heard they were mad at eachother because that bitch was being such an ass to her and she was having a bad day. I called there and comforted her with her family, and who gets to see Amanda. x/!!!! It's so fucking irritating. Well screw her too!!! God I hate the things she does. Oh well, she can go fuck herself. I'll make plans to see some other friends over break. x3

I want the DNAngel game for PS2. ._.;

I don't really use this journal much anymore. I do this too much, use a journal a lot and then suddenly switch to another. Anywho, if you don't see updates on this Journal, there are probably updates on this one:
user: Dark_Mousy

That's about it. ^^;;

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