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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2002 at 2:09am
Subject: I am so frickn tired! Why won't i go to bed already!
I just wrote this, no real reason, just cuz. I don't really know. But i do know that i'm actually going to bed after this. AHHHHH, okay, goodnight.

Sleepwalk-by Holiday

Sleeping doesn’t dull the pain,
A million pictures in my brain,
And dreaming about it every night,
With this impossible fight
Stuck in my head again…

Bloodshot eyes from something,
Crying and alone,
Thinking of only yesterday,
Losing grip
from what I used to hold…

Tears are running slowly down,
No one who cares is around,
And this just keeps on getting better,
In a way…

Moving on,
Out of my life,
Your words have stabbed me
Like a knife,
In my back again,
they’re back again…

Blah, the end, blah, goodnight! ;)

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