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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2003 at 9:03pm
Current mood: Misunderstood
Music: i have a song stuck in my head...its a gc song
Subject: yeah... so bored. i have nothing to do...i was talking to my brittanie for a while but then her phone started to die...but anyways i went to a music store....FINAYLL!!! i got some picks and i was gonna get a tuner but they didnt have anymore because it was right after christmas. yeah i might start taking lessons in January...i really hope my parents let so excited. yeah...i would start the lessons on my computer program i got but i cant if i have a guitar thats out of tune. anyways im also in a thinking-really-hard stage. i have been thinking about reinventing myself. like being more...just different. im sick of ppl always looking at me and thinking of me as little miss perfect (they do that cuz i get good gets really annoying) im not gonna stop getting my grades but im just sick of being looked down on. i dunno...its really hard to explain...but yeah. anyways im feeling really guilty right now cuz im not being really supportive of my friends realtionship. i mean this is the first major on she has had since she moved here a year ago and she is like one of my best friends. i just dont approve of it...i think he is too fast for her. its not like they are having sex and stuff but yeah. i just dont like it...maybe its cuz she has been different since they have been going out. before she used to kinda get me...and we used to be able to talk about everything...but now its like she doesnt care anymore and that she is too busy with him to notice that im still alive here. i cant talk to her about my problems that im actually having (even tho i sound happy now im not) cuz she is too wrapped up in her own little fantsy world, emilee doesnt get me (most of the time), brians is just being too wierd to talk to, and blondie is the only one i can talk to. she gets me and she actually acts like she cares. she will listen to my problems and even if im upset about something stupid...she still listens. nobody get tired of being misunderstood and looked down on by ppl.

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