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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2004 at 10:23pm
Current mood: amazing :)
Music: Perfect-Simple Plan
Subject: a new year begun...
so last night was amazing (lets see how many times i can use that word in one journal entry)..Mandy came over! woop woop glad shes back! we were gunna dance around the tikki torches but instead we made a cookie the size of our heads...and talked with James while he took over my computer...we swear jack and jose didnt visit us haha good times! well we ended up staying up till 2:30 watching Bringing down the House...Brock called us at 4:30 urghh we dont like him anymore... :P
Wow a whole year has flew by yet again...a good year not to mention...there were some great times and some tears but in all it was truly awesome and enjoyable...James says i am quite jovial...i must agree...not anything particular just the joy of life is making me happy woohoo... k now it sounds like im high ha guys im really not...ok anyway...Me and Chels had dinner at her house...yummy and then headed to the movies...we snuck ben and jerry's ice cream into Mona Lisa Smile...aww it was a really cute movie! and now i sit here... guys we go back to school in less then a week...waiit nvm thats right me and james arent going back to school...we're living on coffee at panera woop woop! yea soo...hopefully me and heather are gunna be able to hang out on Saturday...thatll be fun! well i keep unplugging things and messing things up...haha i better go...

*Life does go on...*
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NO MAS SCHOOL!, 01-02-04 8:24pm

After you and james get coffee he can come visit us in our cardboard box! for highschool dropouts! You guys are bad! haha ice cream, basketball games! tsk tsk! haha CIA~ better watch out! ha ha one of these days your comp is going to blow up! i swear after I "ripped" the mic off the side of the comp! hahaha even tho it comes off!!!!!! :P lol No MAS COOKIES! too many!

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