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brightestxstar (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2004 at 12:26am
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01-02-04 1:09am

the ataris! hey holly, its chelsea [old old kiwi name =nsyncrox001 ... wow that was long ago] well anyways, i'm adding you as a friend! :)


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// x o * h o l l y,, 01-02-04 2:53am

wahoo! the ataris! =] question - can you read my woohu entries? cuz no one has replied to the last two that i've made. *shrugs* maybe it's just that people are busy.. but i was just wondering. i love you. =]

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hey, 01-04-04 3:56pm


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thanks..., 01-05-04 7:32am

Thanks for letting me know about the friends thing...I guess I knew it all along, but he's my best friend and of course I don't want to lose him. And I definitely don't want to tell him that it's easier to make friends for some other people than it is him, he'll wonder what's wrong with him and everything. So, it's not an easy thing to do at all. But thanks for commenting.


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// * - Holly, 01-05-04 9:25am

Hey Holly =) It's Deanna, from Kiwibox. I just got a Woohu, so add me to your friends, please ;o)

<33 - Deanna Marie.

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02-07-04 8:29pm

i wanna read! =)

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06-19-04 12:47pm

The Ataris kick ass.

You r0x0rs xD

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06-21-04 3:24pm

hey can u please help me? i was wondering how u changed ur links? so they get bold and what not??


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09-16-04 1:27pm

how do you make the journal a friends only one? please tell me at my journal...

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Re:, 11-29-04 1:08am

random props :). pretty piccy. ^-^

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Friends, 09-01-05 11:23am

Hey you whant to be friends.I needs some and i see you need some too.So how about it?

plez say something back

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