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weloveorlandobloom (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2004 at 3:41pm
Current mood: excited
Music: rollout!*
Subject: new community!!!!
hey all this is a new community and i hope u like it and we can start talking about our hotti.. orlando blooM! yes!!! lol! ok so if ur new post so we can get to kno u...thakx a bunch!*

cat =-]
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01-05-04 4:08pm

cool site!

let's see...what # is he on ur list of most obsessed guys?

lmao, j/p

ttyl pal!

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01-05-04 4:11pm

haha yea i kno right.. lmao ... actually hes # 2 and chris is # 1 so i have to make a site for chris too.. hehe muahahah! lol ok well g2g now buh byez!


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