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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2004 at 1:21pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: i have a Mest song stuck in my head
Subject: i wish...
im so bored. i have nothing to do. im babysitting my sisters right now cuz my mom went to the movies. i dont mind babysitting so much because i need the money and plus i have nothing better to do. im really bored and im waiting to see if blondie is ever gonna get on so i can talk to her. im bored. yeah you know how i said that brian didnt like me anymore? well he does...just not as much. big whoop. anyways im feeling really depressed right now. i miss how things used to be...before i went out with danny and before brittanie went out with brian. i miss how things were towards the beginning of te school year. i miss how britt and i used to have long conversations about all the sh!t we were dealing with and we would help each other with problems and stuff. i miss how she used to always call me after school and we would complain about things. i miss how brian and danny would call me at night and we would talk for a long time...just about stupid stuff. i miss the feeling i had when i found out danny liked me and i miss the feeling i had when i first started going out with him. i miss the long conversations i had with brian. we would talk for hours and hours and we talked about everything...stupid random things and then we would talk about serious deep stuff. i liss how we used to always play truth or dare over the phone. i miss how josh would always give me hugs and stuff after school before he moved. i miss how i would freak out whenever i saw Dustin last year. i miss how things used to be. i miss how seventh grade was and i miss how the beginning of eighth grade was. i wish that Brittanie and brian had never gone out and that emilee and dominic had never gone out. i even wish that i still liked danny and i was still going out with him. as wierd as that sounds. i miss the good feeling i used to get whenever danny talked to me in PE. i miss everything how it used to be (to a point). i want PE to be fun again...i just want to be happy again. i wish the everyone else felt the same way about this as i did...because if they did...we could get it back. but they dont. they dont see anything wrong with the way things are now. they dont see anything wrong with britt and danny going out. they just think things are hunky dory...but they arent. i just want everyone to be happy again...i want everyone to be able to smile again and mean it. i want to be able to actually be happy and not have to pretend i am when im not. i just want things back to how they were before.

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[hola..], 01-03-04 9:14pm

now i feel bad reading ur journal, like i didnt get to learn all of this stuff last time we talked, so i feel like, information deprived. im sorry ur life isnt going too well. and i feel even worse, cuz i dont know what advice to give you...


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Re: [hola..], 01-04-04 12:11am

dont feel bad. i dont like it when my friends feel bad. sorry i didnt tel u all of this when i talked to u last...i just couldnt explain it all. i was just in a writing mood i guess and everything just spilled out. i had one of my crazy writing splurges. anyways i guessi will just ttyl.

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