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H2OforDuo (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2004 at 10:55pm
Subject: Second Post
I thought I'd put the song I'm working on in here.

This one is incomplete. It's called Color.

She dreams of flying,
Over oceans green and blue.
She dreams of running fingers
Through the water,
Basking in the sunís rays true.

A cold hand grips her shoulder,
Her eyes open to a world of grey.
She wishes
She had never woken up,
Wishing that asleep she could stay.

Up she goes,
Then down the stairs,
To her job
In this world of grey,
To many worries and cares.

She comes home late,
Tired and dead,
Wishing for sleep
Once more,
And she dreams of red.

Drowning in flowers,
Poppies red,
Red like blood,
Like love,
She wakes up in her bed.
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