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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2004 at 9:14pm
Current mood: empty and lost
Music: nothing
Subject: all alone
im so bored. i have nobody to talk to. i tried calling brittanie a million times but she wont answer her phone. i tried calling brian a million times and he wont answer his phone. i got online hoping blondie would be on so i could talk to her...but she isnt on. i feel so...alone. brian never calls anymore and i wish he would. to tell ya the truth...i miss him. not because i havent seen him in alomost two weeks..but because its like i dont exist to him. now i wish he still liked me...then he would always call. and besides even though it did annoy me still made me feel special and important. now its like blondie is the only one who seriously cares right now. i feel invisible to everyone else. anyways blondie is on now...and i dont want to bore you guys to death with my pathetic feelings. so adios.

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