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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2004 at 11:14am
Current mood: aggravated
Subject: political rant
Life is like a box of chocolate
chocolate thats only what you make of it
It seems that doesn't quite make sense
but turn it around and its your defense

politicians dont deserve
what they are given theyve got a lot of nerve
to sit there and take our money
but nobody stops them. i think its funny
not one person should have power
over others, we all have our
own opinions and ideas
our own strengths and our own fears
I dont want to be represented
By someone that ive never met and
do not care to cuz he is not
a person i could respect a lot
He takes from the rich and the poor
and gives back to the rich, it makes me sore
to see that our people are dying today
and no one else sees it. im in dismay.
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06-03-04 6:25pm

with out a government we'd have no voice we would even have a choice people will always try to rule and gain power it just depends on who makes a better leader and not even that a representitive is what we need because like u said everyone has a voice but u contridict yourself when u say not one should lead because this world would be in chaos and never would be freed . people need rules and boundaries to make life somewhat liveable with out them crime would run rampet in the streets and death would cover the land and blood what would that do it wouldnt flood us free we be captive in our own reality . so yes own government isnt the best but its needed. If u dont like it leave and go somewhere where u will be happier but im sure your realization will come sooner and your opinions will change rapidly. focus on the problems at hand and the ones that can come of future choices.

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