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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2004 at 4:21pm
Subject: snow
snmowflakes fall with no regard because care is what stupid people do
But snow sparkles, shines, looks miraculous for you
to brighten your dark winter day
and make all thats sad and bad appear okay
like a million falling stars in the night sky
maybe they offer a wish for those who try
in life and are not lazy
when time is slow and purpose seems hazy
so wish upon a falling snowflake, no two are the same
but dont expect results because life's not a childrens game.
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01-05-04 4:56pm

i like it. a lot!


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hummm somethings wrong here, 06-03-04 6:19pm

you spelt desist wrong its not decist just thought u might want to know but other than that your peom was good you should check mine some time

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