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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2004 at 7:47pm
hey guys .. wow, sorry for the lack of updates.. i've been at carly's that whole time.. but here's what i've been up to . . .

Christmas - I went to Carly's house and Kim and Jack's families came over and we all had a big dinner and just hung out, then me, meg, sarah, and carly all went to lake worth to see Hewerly and say Merry Christmas n just chill for a lil bit, then we went back to Boynton and went to see Bob Billy and Pete at albertson's so we did that for a while, then we went back to Carly's and Danny and Rj came over for a lil while and we chilled outside and gave them my gifts ... it was iight.

Next couple of days we went to the spot to see the motorcycle stunts and the car races, it was lots of fun, billy busted his ass on his dirtbike. sarah raced her car, it lost =( carly saw bob, pete did stunts on his dirtbike, we just had fun. we also saw erik mike and jon for a lil while along w/ fran and kelsey.

then me carly john m justin and brandon went to city place for a lil while and met up with stephanie and caitlyn.. we stayed for about an hour, then got bored, so john took us all home. it was fun, brandon is so funny..

The next day me carly n meg n sarah saw all the guys - frank erik izzy Sevren (spelling? aka sosa - it was fun.. so we all just chilled, played cards -- the usual

wow, new years eve... i was at carly's that day and bob came over to chill with us before we partyed.. mike showed up so we saw him for a lil while before the party.. so, after we were done chillin.. we all went to carly's aunts house (tracy) and partied over there.. it was me - meg - bob - carly - sarah - erik- frank - izzy - sosa - mike - tracy - dee - danielle and then later that night two girls showed up.. we all got pretty shit faced that night.. it was a LOT of fun, but im gonna spare you all the details! we all crashed at tracy's

new years day.. saw nick that morning.. haha, got drunk that night too, not too drunk tho.. it was me carly sarah meg sosa jason jason brandon will frank erik izzy ( john n justin left at 11) n we got some stuff and just chilled .. it was funny, i loved seeing jason again, i havent seen him since last year cuz he moved, but he leaves again wednesday.

next day me and carly and sarah went to sky lake with jason jason brandon and will, they all got fucked up, but i stayed sober .. we only had like an hour to chill lol - then carly and sarah got in a huge argument , we got taco bell and went home. that night we saw Sosa Oj frank and erik - only for a lil while tho.

then the next night we went to lantana for a llittle while so we could get some stuff for a friend, then went back to tracy's and hung out with erik izzy and frank n carly and sarah.. we played cards all night lol, then the boys went home and we crashed

last night me carly n meg watched scarface -- it was my first time every watching that movie, it was badass.. then we got some eskimo pies lol and chilled and talked out front lookin at the starts till like 1 in the morning..

then today i chilled at carlys and erik came over for a lil while, then came home, did laundry and got ready for school.. eh, havent mentioned that word in a while.. i lost all my friggin school supplies [whoops] whatever.. its all good

oh, so i was at carlys and she got this letter from jon2's mom talkin about nick and her family and how jon graduated and nick is in the army and stuff and she got two pics, awww nick lol! my prayers are with you! but im gonna get going so i can go clean my room and do laundry and take a shower and get my stuff ready for school!

[whit i took ur idea lol, hope ur not mad iLu]

this is to my grls, whether or not we have problems now or had them before -- i will never forget any of you!!!!
carly - Smiles & tears giggles & laughs,Late nite calls & funny photographs, I'll be there 4 u til the day of my death... *Best friends 4ever*...till my very last breath
~ Carly, i dont have words to express how i feel about our friendship -- id be soooo screwed if i didn't have you in my life! iLu [possessed radio!!]
wick - *im here for you [always] whatever you need .. cuz me without you is like a blunt with no weed*
~ I'm glad i met you Whit, you are so kickass and awesome and badass and just everything, you're a great friend and even tho we don't really chill and we havent been friends for a long time, i feel i can trust you with so much!i love ya! [u still need ur present haha]
meg - when i'm down ur there to pick me up i can tell ya stuff you've got all mai trust i can say i love you cuz i really do 2 my grl megan there's no1 lyk u!
~ true scorpio's for life! i love you megan, and altho we have our days and we get on each other's nerves, ur awesome! 'xO
sarah - When I was alone You came around When I was down You pulled me through And there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you
~ sarah, i love you grl, we get closer everyday! u know i got ur back thru everything!!!!
jess - NEVER underestimate the power of Friends especally when their together!!!!
~ jesso -- i love ya soooo much and i love how close we've gotten, ur awesome [d.unit and j.dawg always]
heather - Years of friendship n nothin to doubt Endless memories..too many too count through the drama.liez and crazy fights you have made a big impact on my life
~ i know we aint close now, but thru everything that happened, i wouldn't be me without a push here and there from you -- stay safe! [coverup - seans party - "i fucking love you" ]
mel - were so crazy people think were high..... the times were so bored.. we laugh until we cry...all the inside jokes & 'member whens..these are the reasons youre my friend
~ memi, i know we dont talk much nemore, but i cherish every talk, cry and laugh we ever shared, you know i'll always be there for you!
ange - I know you are my friend, cuz u can tell something's wrong, even when im smiling
~ i know we're not talkin right now, im sorry that happened, but thanks for always bein there for me this year and last year - u have helped me through a lot of drama!

to my boys - whether we had or have problems.. you have all helped me one way or another, and i thank you all for that!
frank - being friends with you is like fallin thro a deep dark hole, but in that hole i find something special, a treasure to behold
~ franky , you are so unpredictable but your soooo awesome! keep reppin' dL ! xo
erik - I dunno whut Id dew without yew or whea Id be, Yer not jus anotha guy Yer E V E R Y T H I N G tah me
~ lol eriK!! ur like my brother! if i lost you i'd go nuts, stay your goofyself!! xo
mike - *Throughout Your Life You Will Meet One Person Who Is Unlike Any Other. You Could Talk To This Person For Hours And Never Get Bored. You Could Tell Them Things And They Won't Judge You. This Person Is Your Soul Mate, Your Best Friend, Dont Ever Let Them Go*
~ mike!!! ur a true scorpio and altho i only see ya like every couple weeks.. ur a great friend! a little sarcastic lol, but a great friend! luv ya cuz!-
danny - - Sometimes i wish i neva met you, cuz then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there is someone like you out there
~ i have no idea where we stand at the moment, whether we are friends or not, but i will say you changed me, you made me realize something about myself that i didnt know about, i hope whatever happens to you in your life is only the best, and i hope one day we do become better friends, cuz i loved when we talked.. and how about that question "do u think we'll be friends in 5years? i hope so" .. idk if u remember that, but it was said, and i've come to the point that i'm pretty much realizing to get the hell over you, and i can do it, it will take time, but the hardest part is knowing that i dont want to get over you.. but anyways, good luck in your love life and with everything in life.. hope to talk to ya soon!
zach - i waz tired of runnin outta luck thinkin bout jus givin up didnt no jus wut 2do but then i found u
~ i thought there was no guy out there as nice and as aweseom as you, i talked to you all the time and thought of you like my brother! you are one guy friend that i never felt uncomfortable around, and i dont know if you believe what i said, but i cherish our friendship so much, and please know i'll always care about ya zach! ur a great friend!! dont change!
rj - i still cant believe something like you.. happened to me
~ rj, i dont know how we stand today, but thanks for bein such a great guy, you make me laugh when im feeling sad and ur such a nice and generous guy! ur the greatest! xo
jon - It's funny how big of an impact you have on me. It's like when I see you, you don't even have to speak. All you do is smile and it can make my day. That's how I remember my reasons for being your friend
~ jon, ur awesome! i know we hardly talk, but your really funny and you're a great person and friend! xo
sosa - *a real friend is one who walks in when the rest uv the world walks out *
~ sosa, you are one crazy and funny mo'fucka lol, ur a riot and you always got me laughin! thanks for bein a great guy!
izzy - your one of the only onez who i can sit in a room with not doin nethin ; and just laugh for hours
~ izzy, you are soo laidback and chill and one in a million, keep it real homes! lol xo
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01-05-04 10:52pm

danny - - Sometimes i wish i neva met you, cuz then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there is someone like you out there ---- is that like an insult?

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Re:, 01-05-04 11:09pm

No.. its the total opposite of an insult.. it means i wish i never met you, cuz i liked you, got hurt, and i still like you, and i know ur still out there which makes it hard to not like you.. its confusing, but no, its not an insult..

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