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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2004 at 8:41pm
Current mood: feel like screaming and crying
Music: nothing
Subject: this crap is getting old....real quick
im so sick of this. im sick of courtney being a self centered witch. she thinks she is the only one who has problems and that nobody else can be depressed...well WAKE UP CALL COURT....THERE ARE OTHER PPL IN THIS WORLD OTHER THAN U!!!!!!!! anyways she is treating one of my best friends like crap. blondie helped her with her suicidelness and this is how she thanks saying that she id trying to be depressed?! when i read that i was in so much shock i though i was gonna hell WTF?!?! out loud. tat would have been bad cuz my mom is home. anyways courts not the only selfish person i have to deal with. brian is treating me like crap. he used to like me and he said he still did but i dont believe him. he ignores me now, he doesnt call or call me back when he says he will, he doesnt walk me to my classes anymore, he never tries to cheer me up like he used to. its like im just a piece of dirt on his shoes. i mean come on...u dont treat a girl like a queen and tell her your in love with her and then all of a sudden start treating her like crap. no wonder he cant keep a girlfriend for very long. when i called him at 7.30 he said he would call me back cuz he was doing his math homework (which i dont know if i believe cuz he never usually does his HW). well its alomot 9.00 and he still hasnt called. he cant call cuz i cant get calls after nine. im just sick of everyone treating me life im not human anymore. my friends keep making all of these promises to me and ten they keep breaking them, they are keeping secrets from me, they are lying to me, what happened? i dont get this. actually its kinda a good thing he hasnt called me back. if he had...he wouldnt have gotten chewed out...and i can be pretty harsh when im lecturing or yelling at ppl. its a gift. anyways i g2g. ttyl.

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01-07-04 11:31pm

i tell u a secret and dont wut any1 thinks! courtney is gettin on my gosh darn nerves. anyways i g2g

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