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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2004 at 4:34pm
note to self:

crashing the car is a really bad thing. yup. anyone want to give me rides everywhere? (granted i'm not grounded forever.)

grrrr. welcome back to school kids.
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01-06-04 5:21pm

I'll haul you around ;)

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Re:, 01-06-04 5:22pm

Ugh, pressed tab/enter, sorry. Hope you're okay hon.


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01-06-04 5:28pm

Aww, are you all right though? Scared me there. Miss Vivi is much more important than her car. I'd give you rides if I could drive. : )

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01-06-04 6:07pm

holy crap vivi. i hope that you are ok. much love.

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01-06-04 7:44pm

hope that you are alright. ACCIDENTS ARE THE WORST. loveeeesara

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Pobrecita, 01-06-04 7:58pm

Awww! I'm sorry! What happened? I miss driving with you and I'll always drive you (if vinh wants to sit in trunk!! hah) sorry!!!

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01-06-04 8:16pm

Aw, I know how you feel. I'd offer you rides but you probably don't want to ride with another accident-prone person. We're cursed.

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01-06-04 10:12pm

Hey I'm around until Jan 19 with little or nothing to do, gimme a jingle if you're desperate for a ride.

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