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rachel (profile) wrote,
on 11-26-2002 at 4:55pm
Current mood: content
this is what john wrote 2 liz:
i really love you liz. your just so great; ur funny, crazy (in a good way hehe), forgiving, gentle, sweet. simply put: you're everything a guy could hope for in a girlfriend and more.

can you say awwa! what a sweetie. anywho..

this week although it was 2 days it felt soo fuckin long especially today.. but i had fun on the bus (as always) what the fuck is that?? STOP FUCK YOU!! hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah lmao wasnt trying to pick on you it was juss funny to hear you curse! lol luv ya liz

umm well now that we have 5 days off i refuse to jusws sit on my ass. im gonna do something everyday so that i dont waste my break. lol well im leaving now.. adios
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*I feel loved*, 11-28-02 2:02pm

hehe. that entry was like ALL about me. So i feel special :) btw that was really mean doing that stare-y thing! i do curse ya know. lol luv u anyway! happy turkey day!

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Re: *I feel loved*, 12-28-02 8:31pm

Please use alternative language?

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