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chelsea_louise (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2004 at 12:31am
Music: blink 182~feeling this
Subject: my poems...
well i was lookin at my poetry book that i made last year in english and i wanted to put a poem or two in here we go...


Drawing, eating, burping
Always and everday,
Everthing in Erica's refridgerator,
In my face,

this one i wrote about barry. and i entered it in a contest and they liked it and their going to put it in a book...YAY! i guess...

"So Please...Don't Love Me"
You the one i want to hold,
When time runs out and we are old.
I want to be there when you succeed,
I want to be the one you need.
I just want you to be happy,
So please...dont love me.

And when you find the one to be your wife,
I'll be there for you all your life.
And When i see you in the women's arms,
I know she'll keep you away from any harms.
I'll say it once more and listen carefully,
So please...dont love me.

Time has flown and months have past,
And your still with the one you were with last.
Threw all this time..yes it's true,
I have allways loved you.
But she makes you happy as i can see,
So please...dont love me.

I want you to know,
When time runs out and i have to go.
I will go to the heveans up above,
And watch over you...the one i love.
Seeing you smile is good to see,
But now i loved me.

soo whatcha guys think??
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01-07-04 2:47pm

Awwww :) i love the one you wrote for Barry, its so sweet! :D heh, i didnt know you wrote a poem about me ^^ its.....well its interesting >.>

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Re:, 01-08-04 8:10pm

thanx and yeah i wrote that one about you last year...i thought i read it to you...but who knows. lol.
love ya!

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