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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2004 at 9:31am
Current mood: not bad
Music: nothing
Subject: fun
omg...yesterday i went to the bowling alley on base with my friends brittanie, emilee, ronnie, jason, and vincent. well actually i wouldnt say vincent is a friend cuz i just met him yesterday and i didnt talk to him much. but anyways...yesterday was the first time in forever that i was actually happy. we were running around like idiots, tickling each other, sitting on each other, taking pictures, just having fun. and then on the way back to my house i sat in the back with vincent, jason, and ronnie. britt and em sat up front...kinda. and i was sitting in the seat by the window in the back and i was goofing around so i put my legs up on ronnie's lap and my feet were on Jason and tehn they started goofing around. they kept tickling me and was so fun. yesterday was great. things are wierd with brian...i dunno what to do anymore. he keeps asking me if he has a chance or if he is wasting his time. well he doesnt really have a chance but i dont want to tell him i have just been say "i dunno" every time he brings it up. why cant he be in love with somebody else. cant we just be friends...without having feelings for each other. well actually i donthave any feelings for him, other than being a good friend....but still why cant he just not like me. te whole britt and danny situation is cleared up. there arent any problems with em and amanda. sara made up with court i guess. at least thats what i think...but im not sure. im so confused with that. i havent really gotten a chance to talk to sara about it. anyways i gotta go. ttyl.

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