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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2004 at 12:46am
Current mood: okay
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Subject: quiz
this is a quiz i took. i thought the result was kinda does actually decribe me. freaky huh?


Animal: Dove
Color: red

Aphrodite is the beautiful goddess of love and
passion. She is one of the most influential of
the Greek gods, constantly being prayed to or
asked for help. She is also a troublemaker,
getting involved in all sorts of love
triangles. Aphrodite is the Goddess that all
young girls pray to, to bring them the man of
their dreams.

Aphrodite is admired and sought after for the
freshness that she represents. She often dives
into situations that seem appealing without
thinking the results through, but can usually
charm herself out of any sticky situations.

Aphrodite formed from the sea foam, emerging as an
adult from the ocean.

Which Goddess r u? (4 gurls only) and no im not going 2 make u vote
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