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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2004 at 7:42am
Current mood: ummm...i dunno
Music: nothing (imagine that)
Subject: these donuts are good...
hey...yum. i love powdered donuts. anyways...this weekend was boring. it started out being the perfect weekend then it turned into...blah. i already told all about Friday. Saturday i had a soccer scrimmage...which SUCKED by the way. we only had eight people from our team show up. on Sunday i did nothing. i went to the BX for a little while and then i went home and worked with my guitar, played computer games, listened to music, watched tv, etc. i had nobody to talk to. i tried calling blondie and she wasnt home. i called emilee but she wasnt home either and britt cant talk on the phone. and i really didnt feel like dealing with brian. i dont feel like dealing with him today either....i dont want to go to school. i wanna stay home. but i cant. anyways i gotta go. i haveta finish getting ready for school. FUN!!! (not). ttyl.

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