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Lavitz1985 (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2004 at 6:03pm
Ok I lie. I'm not going anywhere after all. I'm going to just sit here and post once in a while... not like I update all that often as it is.
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01-13-04 6:46pm


We love you!

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01-16-04 9:10pm

Coozys. You should start an RPG in here. It would be cool.

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01-22-04 9:51am

How do you join the RPG thing?


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Re:, 01-23-04 12:00am

Well hun, you gotta go to the main journal of the RPGamers, (theres a link in my journal) and in the profile theres something like join community. It's the same as adding it to your buddies list, only it will let you post under that name too, and it'll look like this entry did and show up in the community journal instead of your own. Also you can watch the community to make it show up in your friends list if someone posts, even if they are not on your list themselves.

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