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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2004 at 3:19pm
Current mood: bored
Music: MTV
Subject: ~ Boredom leads to serious things ~
Hey everyone!

-eats her Hershey Hugs- Be-lated happy New Years~! Ah, and today is my mom's birthday. ^^ Happy birthday mama.

Let's see, I'll update everything right now. <33

Before New Years my best friend and I got to stay the night on the Strip at the MGM with Miki and got to meet her best friend from Japan, Nao. ^^ It was so much fun. Nao spoke very little English though. So Miki had to translate stuff for us. Nao had lots of neat things with her like Magazies, snacks, and all that good stuff. She was really nice too. Just a little shy. We went to Gameworks and to a few hotels. We took them on a few motion machine rides. It was so cute because they got scared and kept yelling random Japanese. In one arcade Miki and Nao wen ton this little "rollar coster machine" thing, and we could hear Miki screaming her lungs out in there, her and her Japanese. I clearly remember "JOTTOOU~!!!" Hehe, it was so kyoot. And lots of fun. Nao was only here for 1 full day though.

What else has happened? Nothing much. For New Years, I went over to Amanda's with Amanda. It gets really confusing for the Amandas' becuase you can't directly say Amanda other wise both Amanda's answer. xD Argh. Yeah, it's confusing. <33 That's the joy of nicknames. Mandies is my best friend, and Manda ish the other. Anyways. Manda being a huge Gackt fan made us watch his concert. I don't care for him. xDD But I didn't mind continiously rewinding when You, Gackt's guitarist, humped him. It was rather kinky. <333333333 Then we stayed up until 4 in the morning painting on eachother to be in a "tribe".. Yes.. We're still childish. Leave us alone! xD Our stuff turned out pretty cool though. I'll post pictures later. I remember last time I stayed over at Manda's we attacked her feet with nail polish. Lmao. That was so much fun!! That was pretty much it.

I returned to school. And this week we've got Semester Exams. -yawns- That's it for my boring life. I could've sworn I had something else to put up here but oh well. I'll post it if it comes to me. Ja mata ne minna-san.

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