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GxIoNxA (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2004 at 8:19pm
Current mood: sleepy
Subject: Howdy
OMGOISH I have not written in a whole two days. Lets see what happened tuesday absolutely nothing. I did nothing but go to schoo then come home and hung out for a while and then I went to bed. Wednesday I went to school. Came home and Justine came home from the bus stop with me and we hung out here. Then my neighbor called and wanted me to babysit so I did from 4-7. Justine came along and left at 5:30. Then my dad stoped by at 6:45 and told me to lock the doors a weird car was parked out front and that a guy was running threw the yards. Gail had called so I told her what was going on and her boyfriend was right next to her. They came home he did a 100 in the Navigator and she was going 90 it was funny cause they were freaked out.Then I saw the car and it was the guy that was helping Scott (Gails boyfriend) car he lives right down the street and never told us he was leaving his car so yeah. Then I had some Wendys yummmy. Then I came home and now I'm sitting here getting ready for beddie bye .Well only 16 more days until lake placid and 23 more days until Tampa. O YEAH I CAN NOT WAIT
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o man o man o man, 01-15-04 6:40pm

wednesday was so fun! and the thing about gail freaking out is soo funny! great times great times..o yes! i cant wait till the retreat and TA*MPA* woohoo! hehe
love yas xoxox

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01-16-04 3:19pm

You should stop writingin your journal, your pathetic life bores me

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Re:, 02-07-04 9:58am

haha its AJ how do I know ???

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