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Behindmymask (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2004 at 9:50am
Current mood: bitchy
Music: eminem
Subject: sry
im sry if you think i cut for fun, im sry if you think i dont care because i do i really do. you might think that i do it for attention and i dont. i did it because it relaxes me
i know it was dumb and a big mastake.

i hope you will foregive me and if you cant FUCK YOU!
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01-15-04 2:50pm

hey hunn i luvv u anderson jus so u kno i never thought u did it for attention i kno u hav a reason


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Re:, 01-15-04 6:49pm


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Re:, 01-15-04 7:52pm

hey i love you g-2-shooz
i want you to know that i still love eric even though i dont really like him right now. i really like brett but hes not serious about any thing at all, i wanna go out with him but i wanna be friends with privaliges more. wat i mean by that is that we can make out and stuff but not have to worry about each other cheating on eachother. i learned my lesson bout cutting and i know that you know too. plz dont be as dumb as me. that quote that you said reminded you ofyourself is the kind of person you should be.(except for the drinking part-lol) you shouldnt ever wanna be any one but your self. expecially me. people tell me how lucky i am and im really not that lucky, guyz use me and gurls get jelous then hate me. and its the good grils..... the ones im "susposed" to hang out with, not the ones who can be worse than me. i hang out with them sorta because of that reason. they wont critcize me and get pissed at me for what i do....... that could be because at least 3 of them are in the shrinks office atleast once a week. i g2g its too much ill write you again l8er

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Re: Re:, 01-17-04 3:14pm

awe hun i luvv u so much. u are a great person 4 who u r on the inside and out. yea i kno bout eric and brett i kan tell **im not as dumb as i look :P** i will nevr critize u hell if one day u wanna come to skool dressed like a clown id do ur makeup for ya ur rite ur not the lucky one i am bcuz i hav great friends like u :)
anderson remember ppl sux thats why were not ppl :) yea i think it wuld be better if u and brett were jus friends wit privallges bcuz i dont want him to end up hurting u like that dumb*** eric did believe me when i say u kan do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than him
even my mom sayz so :) and if u think bout cuttin urself dont jus come to me and we kan talk things out and go to the mall and check out hotties and buy u preppy clothes to piss eric off and wild clothes to piss brett off i luvv u so much anderson
andershooz for life no doubt i luvv u ur my j-ma :)

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